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About Koohbanan™


“Koohbanan Trading Development Co.” is supported by “Nazari Group” who is a grower of pistachio in a quantity of around 1,000 tons per annual .It has 50 years’ experience in growing and exporting of pistachio in Iran, and is well known in local and international markets. More than 2000 hectares Pistachio farms has made this company as one of the major traders in Pistachio market.

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The capacity of Processing Complex of “Koohbanan” is more than 100 MTs per day.

The complex equipped with updated modern technology, fully automatic, observing all international standard codes and hygiene aspects related to this sensitive product.

Koohbanan offering all types of pistachios such as round, jumbo, long or all types of kernels in all seasons . Koohbanan holds sufficient stocks of pistachios throughout the year. Pistachio buyer’s choice varies from one kind to another.

Green outer skin of pistachio peeled, right after collection from trees. Pistachios, prior to separation into unripe, empty and closed, directed into dryers, where the moisture reach to

5-7%. Calibration and separation into in shell pistachio (for dried nuts), kernel, and closed are the next steps. At the final stage, pistachios are packed according to our customer’s orders.  Natural pistachio stored in special warehouses.  Closed pistachios allocated partly for opening process, and partly for kernel production, by fully automatic and hygienic machines.

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