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Iran Pistachio Exports Report for 2010-2011 Production Year


According to the Islamic Republic of Iran customs report, pistachio exports in 9-month period from October 2010 to June 2011 with a total number of 133,089 tons over the same period of the previous year with 107,137 tons, shows 24 percent of growth.

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According to information received, in this nine-month period, the highest exports in the months October, November and December were 34,148 , 30,332 and 17,496 tons respectively. Total number of this 3 months include about 62 percent of the total 9 months. In the following tables and graphs, exports volume to different types of export products and destinations can be seen.

opened shell 76%
closed shell 14%
Kernel 6%
Green Kernel 2%
Other 2%

The Far East 45%
Re-export Market 14%
Main 15 EU Member 11%
CIS 11%
Middle East 9%
India 6%
Others 4%

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