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The Move To Khorugh


ALi Nazari, Managing Director Of Koohbanan

Ali Nazari “Managing Director Of Koohbanan Trading Development Co.” in interview with “The Clipper” journal was referring to the giant water project which was aimed to supply water from the Persian Gulf to Rafsanjan : ” For this project a huge amount of money was needed , about US$ 1 bn. We had a multitude of contacts with companies and banks. After the sanctions against Iran were tightened in Sept 201, the banks stopped the negotiations about the financial organization of this project which in fact should have been most valuable for us. he bigger part of money should come from financial instituations, and here we are. There was no Government support for this. On the other hand there was quite some interest from different nations.”

the clipper

In search of convenient production areas in the region Nazari has even crossed the Iranian border. His group of company is one the way to buy land in Khorugh, Tajikestan, were water from mountains is abundant. Water rights are, compared with Rafsanjan, US$ 5 m for one well for 100 m3/h, free of charge and pistachio land is cheap. And one of the most important advantages: people there manage to speak Persian.


Ref: The clipper,

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