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Pistachio production increased 15 percent during the year


The head of Iran Pistachio Association said this year is predicted to more than 180,000 tons of pistachios in the country that this figure represents 15 percent growth over last year. Moshsen Jalalipur

Mohsen Jalalipur said the country now has more than 430,000 hectares of pistachio orchards, which 330,000 hectares of that is in Kerman province. He pointed out picking unripe pistachio nuts started from the beginning of the Persian month Shahrivar (In late August).

He added: Last year over 140 thousand tons of pistachio worth 1.2 billion dollars has been exported that that figure will reach 150 thousand tons this year. Jalalipur considered artificial exchange rate stability in the market as a cause of problem in pistachio exports; He said new subsidies law increased 26 percent of the price of nuts that makes pistachio exports not being economical. The head of Iran Pistachio Association pointed out 150 thousand households equals to a million people working in pistachio orchards. He continued: the cities of Rafsanjan, Kerman, Sirjan, Khorasan, Yazd and Damghan the largest pistachio producer in the country are.

Iran Pistachio Association

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